2016 MADC Annual Report delivered

Posted: Aug 08 2017
2016 was another great year for the Minot Area Development Corporation, as the group sent out its annual report this month to leaders and investors. The annual report highlighted key achievements that occurred in the past year and explained the reason for getting the information through the mail versus in person.

The Minot community celebrated a $30 million AGT Foods expansion in August 2016 that marked a major step forward for them, as a leader in food manufacturing. Last year marked the completion of a new strategic plan for MADC – one full of new goals, new strategies and a new direction for MADC. The annual report also focused on Minot’s success toward the MAGIC Sky initiative; in December of last year, SkySkopes, a leading drone service provider, announced their business expansion plans into Minot, where MADC anticipates they will be the first of many Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) businesses in Minot.

The Minot Area Development Corporation staff and board made efforts to line up an annual meeting this spring/summer, only to have logistics not work out on multiple occasions, for distinct reasons. Thanks for your support, trust and collaboration with the Minot Area Development Corporation. We hope you are finding 2017 to be just as successful as 2016!

Click here to view the digital version of our 2016 Annual Report.