Dakota Certified Development Corporation Name and Address Change

Posted: Dec 12 2017
Dakota Certified Development Corporation is proud to announce that, as of January 1, 2018, they are Dakota Business Lending. This name change, along with the completion of their new headquarters in South Fargo, brings many exciting opportunities for Dakota Business Lending as they enter the new year and continue to refresh and build upon their existing brand of 35 years. 
Construction for the new headquarters began in early June of 2017. This 5,800 square foot facility will provide Dakota Business Lending with an open, flexible, and collaborative environment that helps them better serve their clients and get them the financing they need exactly when they need it. "We believe working in an open environment not only strengthens the connection between our team members," explained Dakota Business Lending's President and CEO, Steve Dusek. "It also encourages collaboration, which ensures that our staff is constantly thinking outside the box to come up with innovative and creative lending solutions to better serve our clients." The new building will have room for communication and sharing of ideas among staff and clients. Dakota Business Lending has utilized as many of their current and previous borrowers in the construction of this new facility, giving the space a unique connection to the root of their brand and building upon their mission to create partnerships for life.
Dakota Business Lending saw this location change as an ideal opportunity to refresh their brand and make a name change as well. Just as they had "outlived" their current lease space, they felt they had also "outlived" their brand and DCDC acronym. Their new name represents their past 35 years' worth of experience partnering with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and lenders, all the while enhancing their identity and differentiating themselves in order to resonate with their customers. Most importantly, it will continue to build upon the legacy they have created and add to their story of telling others who they are. "This name change will create visual identity and remembrance, expand our reach, and convey to our small business community and lending partners what we are all about in a very meaningful way," continued Dusek. "We chose this new name to reflect more of what we do while, at the same time, paying tribute to elements of the previous name and history." 
With the location change at the end of the month and the name change effective on the first of the year, 2018 is bringing a lot of changes for Dakota Business Lending. The team is excited for these forward-looking changes and confident in their ability to better serve their customers and partners moving forward. Dakota Business Lending will continue to send updates and details to their partners, lenders, and borrowers as these changes are implemented, and encourage you to stop in and see them at their new location after the new year!

About Dakota Certified Development Corporation

Founded in 1982, Dakota Certified Development Corporation has been recognized as the oldest, largest, and most experienced CDC in North Dakota. With staff in Fargo, Bismarck, and Minot, they serve the entire state of North Dakota and five counties in western Minnesota. The mission of this private, not-for-profit entity is to provide small business financing solutions through collaborative partnerships in a supportive, creative environment that grows the economy and creates or preserves quality jobs. Since inception, Dakota CDC has provided over $500 million in loans with total project impact exceeding $1 billion to small businesses and local economies.

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