Forecasted Growth for Minot

Posted: Oct 18 2014
During the 2014 Annual Meeting for forecastedgrowth14.jpgthe North Dakota Petroleum Council, guest speaker Niles Hushka, CEO of KLJ, shared the forecasted changes in economy for Williston, Dickinson, and Minot. KLJ performed a North Dakota Oil and Gas Impacts Study for 2014-2019, where they analyzed three different aspects of Minot and the growth potential. Here are the results of Minot's forecasted changes:

•Economy-Wide Employment: 11% growth
•Population: 10.9% growth
•Demand for Housing: 11.6% growth

Minot's recent history has already shown significant growth for these key demographics and according to KLJ, Minot's progression will continue through 2019 and further. With high growth potential, its critical Minot continues development initiatives and local diversification.