Investment in infrastructure to improve quality of life

Posted: Nov 18 2012
Nearly $7 million from Minot's local MAGIC Fund demonstrates Minot's commitment to maintain its unsurpassed quality oflgimagineminotrenderings_page_1.jpg life and even improve it. First, $3.8 million will go toward a water main extension in east Minot's industrial corridor. Increased water pressure will benefit current residents and businesses in east Minot and help facilitate further development at the Port of North Dakota.

Also, $3 million for parking structures in downtown Minot shows the community is investing in itself to cultivate a thriving city center in which residents and visitors can live, work and play. The $95 million, 36-block "Imagine Minot" project is modeled after similar areas in Portland, Dallas and Minneapolis where residential and commercial mixed space is available at a variety of price points.