Kalix celebrates new baler

Posted: Nov 17 2014
The Kalix Recycling Center is truly a one-of-a-kind non-profit corporation, impacting the community in more ways than one. Kalix delivers recycling services to Minot and the surrounding communities, and also provides support services for adults with disabilities. Borgi Beeler, President of Kalix, describes "We believe in privacy, purpose, and dignity for all people, and part of reaching that goal is offering a variety of employment opportunities."

On November 17th at 9:00a.m. Kalix celebrated the ribbon cutting alongside Minot Area Development Corporation tokalixbaler14.jpg rejoice the purchase of a new baler. Beeler explains, "We are extremely grateful to MADC, the city of Minot, St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation, and Verendrye Electric for funding the purchase of a new baler." This new piece of machinery was mandatory in order for Kalix to continue operations and with the help of the MAGIC Fund, Kalix was able to secure $252,000 for the new baler.

Community support has always been essential for Kalix to continue recycling and employment. "Thank you to Kalix sponsors- Marketplace Foods and Superpumper, along with community residents who bring their recyclables to the center," Beeler graciously acknowledges. With the Magic City's support, Kalix is able to continue the business of recycling and provide jobs for adults whose disabilities limit their opportunities of employment.

Kalix has found recycling jobs to be a great match for people with disabilities. Employee responsibilities involve unloading cars, sorting recyclables, picking up recyclable items and documents to be shredded, shredding confidential documents, and disassembling electronics and books in preparation for recycling. The recycling center has been open since 1994, each year Kalix has kept nearly six million pounds of recyclable materials out of Minot's landfill, one of the many benefits Kalix provides the Minot community.

The ribbon cutting symbolizes the many years of life Kalix can provide for the Minot community, as both a recycling center and employer. A new baler offers an increase in capacity, additional automation, improved safety features, and will allow growth in recycling to accommodate growth within the Minot region.