MADC Board Approves New Website & Rebranding Proposal

Posted: Feb 25 2016
Attracting new businesses to the Minot area is a key component of MADC's new strategic plan. MADC's website must make algodney.jpg memorable first impression for site selectors and business prospects. Over the last 10 years, strategies to attract new businesses have greatly changed due to technology leaving MADC's current website and marketing strategy outdated. MADC's Board approved to hire Odney Advertising for a new website and rebranding campaign, which will include a digital media strategy, creative materials, and other services needed to drive Minot's competitive advantage. A new website is a top priority for 2016, which was determined by MADC's Strategic Planning Session in October 2015. To learn about other priorities for 2016, stay tune for next month's e-Newsletter which will include MADC's Strategic Plan Final Report.