MAGIC Fund Screening Committee Unanimously Supports Grant Request

Posted: Sep 18 2020
The MAGIC Fund screening committee met Friday morning to review a request for a grant to support the development of a Center for Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Minot and unanimously supported the request.
There has been ongoing discussion led by Mayor Sipma who appointed Lisa Olson, President of Minot City Council, to chair a committee to create a CTE Center in Minot. Through that discussion, several community partners came together to advance the idea including the City of Minot, Trinity Health, Minot State University, Dakota College of Bottineau, and the Minot Area Development Corporation. The National Disaster Resiliency Fund is a major funding partner for the project bringing approximately $3,500,000 to be used towards the renovation and initial equipment, technology (IT) needs and more to complete a turn-key facility.
Tim Mihalick, Chair Community Stakeholders Committee shared, “It is exciting to see this project moving forward with such strong support from the city to leadership across the state. The skills and training provided in postsecondary CTE play a significant role in addressing the changing workforce needs of today’s economy.” Mihalick added, “This project is a win for Minot!”
Minot Area Development Corporation sponsored the $800,000 request for the purchase of the Trinity Health property located at 120 Burdick Expressway East in Minot. The requested amount includes Trinity Health’s donation and discounted purchase price in support of this project. The next step will be for Minot City Council to review the recommendation from the MAGIC Fund and take final action Monday evening.

For more information, please contact L. John MacMartin, Interim President/CEO of the Minot Area Development Corporation, at 701-852-1075 or