Merger Talks Continue with the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce

Posted: Aug 06 2020
The executive boards of the Minot Area Development Corporation and Minot Area Chamber of Commerce continue to meet to discussion organizational efficiencies, moving the organizations a step closer to merging. The two boards are working with legal counsel on bylaws and regulations, while a committee has been designated to work on budgeting and finances, including investor and membership dues.
“As we continue this process, we can see the benefits of the merger and how it will be a good fit for not only our members, but the community and our employees,” said L. John MacMartin, MADC interim president/CEO and Minot Chamber president. “This makes sense on so many levels and it seems that the timing is also ideal with the staffing needs in both organizations.”
The boards continue to work towards the goal of merging with a plan on all being complete by first quarter of 2021. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact L. John MacMartin at 701-852-1075.