Public perception survey results give basis for starting point on One Brand initiative in Minot

Posted: Dec 10 2019
Minot, N.D. – The results of a public perception survey shown to Minot community partners and interested individuals on Monday, Dec. 9 will help guide the conversation about a branding and image campaign for Minot. Telephone interviews were conducted with 411 residents pulled from a randomly selected sample that includes both landlines and cell phones. The primary objectives included evaluating how Minot is perceived, measuring perceptions of specific aspects of Minot, and gauging priorities for community resources.

Results from the survey provide a starting point for conversations and decisions about what kind of unified brand, marketing strategy or image the invested organizations want to portray about Minot. Those partners include Visit Minot, Minot Area Chamber of Commerce, Minot Area Development Corporation, City of Minot and others.

The following key points were made based on the statistically reliable survey, which was executed in early November.

- Most residents had a favorable view of Minot: more than one-fourth viewed it very favorably and over half held a somewhat favorable opinion of the city.
  • Very favorable, 29.7%
  • Somewhat favorable, 56.7%
  • Somewhat unfavorable, 8.3%
  • Very unfavorable, 4.9%
- Two-thirds of residents considered Minot to be a city that is growing and improving; only one in ten felt it was on the decline.
  • Growing/Improving, 65.7%
  • Staying the same, 12.4%
  • On decline, 11.2%
- One-fourth of residents would like to see new activities or entertainment options come to Minot. One in six would like more restaurants and another one-sixth would like to see more shopping options. About one in three residents felt Minot already has everything they need.

- Minot was seen as doing good in the areas of employment opportunities, higher education, parks, K-12 education and overall quality of life.
  • The city was rated as pretty good in regard to restaurant and bar options, safety/crime, downtown, retail/shopping options and recreational offerings.
  • The lowest rated aspects of Minot were attracting and retaining business, community leadership, affordable housing and the cost of living.
- Residents’ highest priority for the investment of community resources was healthcare facilities and infrastructure.
  • Flood protection, new schools, community facilities and events were rated as second tier priorities, followed by shop local initiatives, parks, recycling, downtown and arts – in that order.
One Brand contractor, Odney, presented the survey results to a larger group at the meeting today, and will hold other follow-up meetings this month with partner organizations. When these meetings are accomplished, the first set of deliverables have been met, as per the contract with Visit Minot.

The next steps in the process include developing a creative direction for Minot One Brand messaging, logo, brand promise, slogan and advertising elements. Odney will also create various logo concepts for the invested organizations to consider and will develop a multi-tiered marketing plan appropriate for the funding available and goals associated with the branding effort. This next phase of work is anticipated to take roughly two months.