Pulver Awarded Community Athlete of the Season

Posted: Jun 01 2020
United Community Bank and Scheels have teamed up to offer a new program, Community Athlete of the Season. The program recognizes one athlete per sport season based on outstanding sportsmanship, overcoming hurdles, or for going above and beyond. On May 15, 2020, through a surprise presentation at Stanley High School, Bridger Pulver was named the first Community Athlete of the Season.

“Our community is full of athletes who shine, not just through athleticism, but through attitude and sportsmanship. When Bridger’s nomination came through, it was clear he was deserving of this award,” said Cole Krueger, Scheels.   

Pulver was nominated by Stanley Boys Basketball Coach, Kory Anderson, based on Bridger’s ability and determination to bounce back up after any obstacle.  “Bridger’s overall sportsmanship and attitude have never been in question. He stayed positive during all the downs presented to him and showed excitement during the good times. Bridger would do anything to help a coach or team. While some athletes would say no, Bridger would say yes! He’s a great example for the younger students of Stanley and is a great motivation on why not to give up,” stated Coach Anderson, in the application.  

For being named Community Athlete of the Season, Bridger received $1000 donated in his honor by United Community Bank to the Stanley High School Boys Basketball program and Scheels provided $500 in gift cards ($250 to each Bridger and the boys basketball team). Bridger will also receive a professional photo shoot that will be displayed within the Minot Scheels and United Community Bank locations. “Our goal is to bring positive, uplifting stories, like Bridger’s, within our youth sports community to the spotlight,” said Jennifer Hubrig, United Community Bank.  

The next round of nominations wraps up May 31, 2020.  Nominations for future Community Athletes can be turned in at any time at United Community Bank or Scheels. Athletes must be nominated by a coach or an employee of an athletic program within 60 miles of Minot.  Qualifying athletes must be between the ages of 5-19. One nominated athlete will be recognized each quarter within the following dates: September 1- November 30, December 1 – February 28, March 1 – May 31 and June 1 – August 30.  UCB