SkySkopes Ranks Top 3 UAS Company in the U.S. for the Oil & Gas Industry

Posted: Mar 09 2017
SkySkopes, a UAS company MADC recently attracted to Minot, has secured a position in the top three UAS companies for oil & gas in the nation! This article by DronesX, reviews the extensive requirements of becoming a “world class” oil and gas drones service provider. SkySkopes, hand-picked by DronesX, was one of three companies first-to-market with meaningful solutions that met all the criteria for a “world class” UAS provider. Specifically in the oil and gas industry, there are ten different requirements:
  1. Professional aviation background
  2. Oil and gas industry experience and certificationsSkySkopes.png
  3. A thorough understanding of oil and gas regulations
  4. Robust ground and air safety management systems
  5. Risk mitigation processes
  6. Ability to scale
  7. Appropriate knowledge of equipment and capabilities
  8. Creative problem solving to meet client needs
  9. Clients and partnerships
According to DronesX, these ten requirements should serve as a checklist for energy businesses looking to hire UAS operators and UAV services. DataWing Global and Trumbull Unmanned are the other two businesses named in the top three ranking alongside SkySkopes. As an industry leader not only in the state of North Dakota, but also recognized nationally, Minot couldn’t be more lucky to have a company like SkySkopes kickoff Minot’s MAGIC Sky initiative. Click here to read more.