SkySkopes Receives Permission To Fly Unmanned Aircraft At Night

Posted: Nov 17 2016
SkySkopes is making history in the state of ND! "SkySkopes is the first North Dakotan unmanned aircraft SkySkopes.pngsystems company to receive permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly at night under the agency's recently implemented UAS rules," click here to read the breaking news.

SkySkopes is the leading UAS flight services provider in the state of North Dakota, specializing in UAS inspections on transmission, distribution, and sub-distribution lines across the U.S. This innovative company uses revolutionary technology to provide unique and actional aerial data to their clients. Currently based out of Grand Forks, ND; SkySkopes continues to grow and is looking to expand across the state, the Minot Area Development Corporation has been leading efforts to make Minot their next location of choice.