The Telemark Trade Office has officially opened in Minot

Posted: Aug 18 2014
The opening of the Telemark Trade Office in Minot took place at the Governor's Reception, held on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014. Bjorn Forsdal recently accepted the position as the Director for the Telemark Trade Office. "I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the trade office," announced Forsdal.

This office will serve as the local footprint to promote business, education, and heritage on behalf of Telemark, Norway. The Telemark Trade Office will also be a point of contact for six significant Norwegian companies. These companies and their key objectives include:telemarkoffice14.jpg
  • OPD Group: Welding and installation of PE Pipelines and PE pre-fabrication
  • ReforceTech: Basalt Fiber Reinforcement for concrete
  • Oliner System International: Re-lining of existing pipelines
  • Telemark University College: Student and staff exchange, collaboration on research
  • Tel-Tek: Research center specializing in CO2 capture and water treatment
  • Telemark Technologies: Hyperbaric testing of equipment
Each company provides unique business opportunities for North Dakota to capitalize. For example, OPD Group specializes in polyethylene pipes, which are used in renewable energy industries and infrastructure for water, sewer, and gas pipelines. As a successful Norwegian leader in marine infrastructure and customized HDPE solutions, OPD group is looking to establish local production in North Dakota. This would generate employment opportunities and energy resolutions, leading to a positive impact for all of North Dakota.

There is more than heritage that intertwines Norway and North Dakota. Forsdal commented, that it's the people- they are down to earth and easy going. When asked about Minot, Forsdal simply answered, "It feels like home."

The Telemark Trade Office is located within the Minot Area Development Corporation found at 1020 20th Ave. SW, Minot, ND 58701. To learn more about the trade office or to contact Bjorn Forsdal, please call (701) 852-1075 or email him at