Waterline Infrastructure

Posted: Apr 23 2015
Waterline infrastructure is highly needed as Minot continues to expand and grow. The Minot Area Development Corporation received approval in 2012 of $3.8 million from the MAGIC Fund to support the Minot NE Industrial Park Water Distribution Improvements Project. Dan Jonasson, Director of Public Works for the City of Minot explains, "The trunk water infrastructure that is being installed is critical to Minot as it is the first phase of connecting North Minot and the valley water zones. It will aide in providing not only trunk water lines to serve the entire Port development, but also provide the means for fire protection for NE Minot."

Wagner Construction, Inc. of waterline15.jpgInternational Falls, MN is the contractor for the project. The process for this project looks like:
1. Construct 4 miles of a 16'' PVC water main and an underground pre-manufactured climate-controlled boaster pump station (bps)
2. The bps (manufactured by Dakota Pump, Inc.) will be delivered to the project site by truck, lifted off by crane, and be set on a cast-in-place concrete slab at the base of excavation
3. The excavation will be backfilled after piping and electrical connections are made

The following areas within and surrounding the Port of North Dakota's development will be enhanced by the project:
• On the South by Ward County 12
• On the East by 55th Street NE (Ward County 10A)
• On the North by 46th Ave NE (Ward County 10A)
• On the West by 27th Street NE (Ward County 19)
• Future expansions between the North Hill pressure zone and the East Valley pressure zone

The waterline project will begin construction in June of 2015, once the City's sanitary sewer project advances further. The City's sanitary sewer project closely parallels the waterline project for two miles on the west side of 55th Street NE. The estimated completion date is October 1, 2015. The Minot Area Development Corporation is excited for the completion to this project as it will give Minot an advantage for relocating and expanding businesses.